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Welcome to Bags By Alex. Here at BbA we are about travel, adventure, and moving forward. Finding your true north and relentless pursuit of your vision. We create goods to support you in your lifestyle. Whether it is hiking, a night out, or traveling across the country. We believe in using the highest quality materials and construction methods to assure your good will last your journey. We look to have our products be functional, stylish, and minimalist. Nothing more and nothing less. We are proud to be part of finding your true north. 




My name is Alex and I am the designer, owner and operator of BbA. I have spent my life pursuing my passions and interests, trying to find my true north. I believe in always moving forward, not stopping out of fear or failure.I have struggled throughout my life to find my path but when I found sewing in 2020, I knew this was a  way I could support my own interest in creativity and helping others. I knew I could create bags and goods that support people in their journey of adventure and travel of finding their true north. It brings immense pride to me to be able to create bags that people can use throughout their journey and finding their path.

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